T  U   M    B     O      M       E        T         E          R

          As  is the standard, playful Zang Tuum Tumb policy, there
          is now  a  second  12" variation on Propaganda's powerful
          celebration of dance and crime,  Dr. Mabuse.  Just as you
          thought all of Mabuse's lives had been used up, back into
          your life he leaps, with his  thirteenth  life  -  a less
          unsettling,  unpredictale experience as the first 12" but
          equally as  infectious  and  uplifting.   'The 13th Life'
          slips into place with delicious ease,  teases  the  dance
          into  a  false  sense  of  security,  and then never lets
          she/he/it  go.   Propaganda know that only the exhausting
          is truly interesting,  and 'The 13th Life' is prepared to
          exhaust  whoever  comes close.  Its' absolute  excitement
          comes from the  pressure  only  Trevor  Horn knows how to
          apply to a machine, a mix, a  masterpiece.  If Dr. Mabuse
          hasn't  been  able to persuade anyone so far,  then  'The
          13th Life' will  be the killer attraction, the conclusive
          proof.  Dance as crime.


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Title: Tumbometer - The 13th Life
Source-URL: <http://www.soundslogic.com/fisonic/_legacy/zttumb13.html>