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Apollo 440, the Liverpool originating dance outfit, are in rotation around the globe since 1991. As they've already released quite a number of brilliant records and an astronomical amount of remixes, these pages were built to provide a space to keep track of Apollo 440's music - for people who want to hear more.

I first consciously heard Apollo 440 when 'Liquid Cool' had entered the British single charts in 1994. I instantly liked the song and started wondering whether this was a new band, or if I had been missing something. However I realized that I already had a few of their remixes for other bands in my record collection. This alone didn't turn me into a fan at once, but it raised my interest... (Thank you, Apollo, for the good music. Thank you, British people, for the good taste.) The turning-point (ultimately making Apollo 440 a homepage-worth band for me) was, when I reached conviction to order their album 'Millennium Fever', which to me soon became the only contemporary player in the same league as, say, Leftfield at that time. To my surprise there wasn't really much information about them on the internet - this album seemed to have been neglected (by the same people who were so interested in 'Liquid Cool')! So, I had to find out myself. Doing a bit 'research' and going through my records, I managed to put together a surprisingly long list of stuff by Apollo 440 for my own pleasure. As I found out later, this was only the tip of the iceberg...
However, the incentive to put this list on the web came when someday I decided to write an email to Apollo 440. Through this contact they kindly helped me to extend the discography and confirmed my vague ideas of putting it online. This was about the time when 'Krupa' had come out.

Since there's such a mass of material listed here, I'd like to give you a personal hint on where to start, to make it easier: To me their strongest works are especially their biggest pieces of work, namely the albums and the game-soundtrack!

Howard's stealthing through Camden here...
Trevor and Noko with their official superfan at Apollo Control, Camden, 1997.

Touch Down

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Title: @440 Stealthography - NOTES
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