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The Musicians

Apollo 440 are an embodiment of musical open-mindedness. A broad range of creative input from affiliate members is equally immanent to their approach of being a band, as is the wide diversity of musical output.
The group's directive core-players are Noko, Howard Gray and Trevor Gray. The Liverpoodleans formed the band together with James E. Gardner in 1990 to explore the meaning of life. A few years later, following a tradition of ground breaking bands from Liverpool, they moved on to the world's capital of pop music, London. Already having prepared the ground for their sublimal stealth sonic sound synthesis, James went to the other side of the world, from where he can still be heard on the records through Theta Wave Enhancement.
Apart from various frequent visitors, a long time regular in their executive line-up is Cliff Hewitt, heavenly drummer from hell. Through work on their second album and the following touring, an extended setup of the band established. This consists of Noko (guitar), Howard (engineering/mixing), Trevor (keyboards) and Cliff (drums) teamed up with the man of million names Mary Mary (vocals), Harry K. (scratches, samples, shouts), Paul Kodish (drums) and Rej Ap Gwynedd (bass), whom due to unavailability got replaced by Kenny Cougar during recordings of their third album.

Here's some further traces of the players (presumably incomplete):


a/k/a:  Frederick Pasquan, Norman Fisher-Jones
artistical:  Alvin The Aardvark & The Fuzzy Ants, Banker (?), The Umbrella, The Cure (live), Pete Shelley Group, Adultery, Luxuria, Bugblot (session), Momus (session), The Heart Throbs, The Wolfgang Press (session), Fast, Hyperhead (sessions), Stealth Sonic Soul, Hoodlum Priest (session), Escape From New York (remix-outfit), Stealth Sonic Orchestra, E-Z Drum And Bass Orchestra, Maximum Roach (until 1999), Perry Farrell (sessions), Bond (session), Jeff Beck (sessions), James Maker & Noko 440
productional:  D.X.D., Hyperhead, Jeff Beck

 Howard Gray 

a/k/a:  Hunter S.
artistical:  The Wolfgang Press (session), Stealth Sonic Soul, The Boot Room Boyz, Stealth Sonic Orchestra, Jeff Beck (sessions)
productional:  Martha & The Muffins, XTC, The Blue Orchids, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, April Wine, ABC, Cliff Richard, John Watts, Rip Rig + Panic, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Dub Syndicate, Split Enz, Creation Rebel, Heaven 17, Van Morrison, Fastway, Pale Fountains, Trevor Herion, UB40, Simple Minds, The Cry, Frida, Mike Rutherford, Tom Verlaine, Armoury Show, The Cure, Hugh Cornwell, T.C. Matic, Scritti Politti, Endgames, Red Guitars, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, The Pretenders, Age Of Chance, Terence Trent D'Arby, Danny Wilson, Head, Liverpool F.C., Yazz, Blue Pearl, Hoodlum Priest, Pete Wylie & The Mongrel Wah!, Electribe 101, Kirsty MacColl, The Wolfgang Press, Arno, Tom Jones, Manic Street Preachers, Maximum Roach (demos), The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Jeff Beck, Cherubs, Art Brut, ...

 Trevor Gray 

a/k/a:  T-Bone
artistical:  Blue Pearl (session), Kirsty MacColl (session), Pete Wylie & The Mongrel Wah! (session), 2point2 (featured), The Wolfgang Press (session), Stealth Sonic Soul, Tom Jones (session), The Boot Room Boyz, Stealth Sonic Orchestra, Bond (session), Jeff Beck (sessions)
productional:  Jeff Beck

 James E. Gardner 

artistical:  The Umbrella, Luxuria (live), Hoodlum Priest (session), Fast, 175 East
productional:  Pulp (???)

 Cliff Hewitt 

a/k/a:  E.Q., Louis Cipher, Sly Diva
artistical:  Modern Eon, This Time Next Year, Virgin Dance, Picnic At The Whitehouse, Hoodlum Priest, Black Radio, Sly Diva, Jean Michel Jarre (live), Beauty School Dropouts
productional:  Iona, Robyn Laou

 Mary Mary 

a/k/a:  Mary Magdelyte, Mary Byker, Ian Garfield Hoxley
artistical:  Gaye Bykers On Acid, Pigface (live), Mary Byker (?), Hyperhead, Hoodlum Priest (featured), Martinjuana (?), The Boot Room Boyz, Maximum Roach, Bi-cyclers On The Roof

 Harry K. 

a/k/a:  Paul Colbourne
artistical:  Law One, Bugs & Poisons, The Mouth, Panico, The Bungalows, Naked Flame, Juggernaut, Booby Trap (remix-outfit), Harry K., Headspace, Maximum Roach, A1 People (featured), Discordinated, Silverservice (featured), Urban Delights


a/k/a:  Paul R. J. Kodish
artistical:  Whodini, Ibex, U2 (live), David Bowie (live), Rage Against The Machine (live), Jean Michel Jarre (live), Moving Fusion (sessions), Sparfunk (sessions), Maximum Roach, Bad Company [UK], Digital Nation (?), Hornet, Jeff Beck (sessions), James Maker & Noko 440 (live), Acarine (live), Pendulum


a/k/a:  Rheinallt Wyn ap Gwynedd
artistical:  Dr. Jolly's Salvation Circus, Natalie Imbruglia (live), Richard Ashcroft (live), Maximum Roach

 Kenny Cougar 

a/k/a:  Kenneth Goodman (?)
artistical:  Maximum Roach (until 1999)

Apollo 440 in full digitized astral immortality...
Howard, Noko and Trevor

Touch Down

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