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The Blue Board


What is The Blue Board?

The Blue Board is a public online forum for discussion of the legendary ZTT record label and related artists.
It provides a place for people interested in Zang Tuum Tumb (ZTT) to share their thoughts with other fans, ask silly questions about matrix numbers (like they can only be asked by ZTT fans), spread news, and things like that.

This message board is brother in rhythm with The Pleasureboard, a forum discussing 80's supernova band Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The Blue Board is actually the little brother, which emerged out of a thread on The Pleasureboard discussing whether in-depth ZTT coverage would be appropriate on The Pleasureboard (the historical thread can be witnessed here). Due to the nature of the two boards, the topics discussed are partly overlapping. Thus, it's highly recommended to browse both boards on a regular basis.

What is The Blue Board Introduction?

A FAQ answering questions you never asked, raising questions that never get answerd. (Thus not daring to call itself a 'FAQ'.)

What is ZTT Records?

ZTT Records Ltd. is a British record company. The kind of original record company which is usually referred to as 'label'. It was founded 1983 in London by record producer Trevor Horn, music journalist Paul Morley and studio manager Jill Sinclair.

They released a series of ground breaking pop records in their early years by the likes of The Art Of Noise, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Propaganda, Grace Jones et al. It was their unequalled fresh powerful sound, number of remixes, inspiring artwork, overall classy-style and artistical ideas, that would largely contribute to the myth ZTT still is. (Incidentally, they actually organized their releases in series back then...)
Although it all started with a Bang!, the seminal bands had all parted from the label rather soon (this is another part of the ZTT myth). Nevertheless they kept releasing new records and, despite cultivating their early-departure habit, scoring hits up to the present day; most commonly known probably those of Seal and 808 State.

ZTT is part of the SPZ empire of music business companies - where 'Z' stands for ZTT, 'P' is for the publishing company Perfect Songs, and 'S' for SARM, a company operating state of the art recording studios and managing recording producers and staff on both sides of the Atlantic.

What is the Scope of Topics on the Board?

Basically everything related to ZTT. Including, but not limited to, the artists that were on the label, the production teams involved in making the records (e.g. Trevor Horn), and so on; the relation may be close or far fetched. There's not really any rules or limitations, so don't be afraid to post your thoughts.

Bear in mind though, if you have a question or message specifically dealing with Frankie Goes To Hollywood, it might be more useful to post it on The Pleasureboard. In uncertain cases, you should decide for posting on one of the boards, and send a link (or note) on the other board.

Who can Write on the Board?

As you might have seen, everyone can read the discussion threads on The Blue Board. Writing on the board ('posting') is also free to public, however the message board system, which is generously provided by fellow FGTH/ZTT fan Alex Warmerdam, requires you to register to be able to post messages. Don't be afraid, it's not a big deal, as the terms of service is kept rather short, it's completely free, the registration process is short and simple, and the only data required to be specified is an email address (which isn't even verified). So there's really no excuse not to register, if you are interested in ZTT topics.

Why 'The Blue Board'?

Because ZTT Records resides at The Blue Building, 42-46 St. Lukes Mews, London W11 1DG, United Kingdom.

Why 'The Blue Building'?

Because the building is actually painted... Blue.

OK, they painted it Blue - but why?

Sorry, I can't answer that without consulting my lawyers first!

Are there other ZTT Discussion Boards on the Web?

There used to be, and actually still is, Lazlo's Zang Tuum Tumb Mailing List (one of numerous fantastic mailing lists and discographies organized by Lazlo Nibble). However, it has become extremly quiet on this email distribution list in the past time.
The Blue Board had only been created due to the fact that, on one hand the ZTT mailing list had become neglected (partly since FGTH discussion moved towards The Pleasureboard), whilst on the other hand, in turn, discussion on The Pleasureboard showed an increasing volume of ZTT topics - thus indicating the need for an online forum.

Furthermore there are a few specific discussion groups for some ZTT artists: Apart from the aforementioned Pleasureboard for Frankie Goes To Hollywood, there's the official 808 State Discussion Board, a mailing list for The Art Of Noise called AON-Chat, and the Mabuse egroup for Propaganda.

It should also be mentioned here, that The Blue Board as well as The Pleasureboard had originally been hosted at a different place, at a different time, having parted the Hostboard family of message boards in the 2002 escape-act series of message board movements. But there's no cause for concern, since all the old Hostboard-era messages have participated in the move and are now integrated in the special archive search facility of the new home.

Where can I find Additional Resources about ZTT?

Please try this links:

  • General ZTT
    • ZTT Records
      This is the official ZTT website. It presents their current artists and offers an online shop for some of the releases.
    • Lazlo's Discography Machine: Zang Tuum Tumb Records
      Lazlo Nibble organized a fantastic, huge ZTT discography. Unfortunately it's notoriously outdated, thus combine it with the next link.
    • Zang Tuum Tumb Discography - Supplemental Extension
      Jörg Fitzner has compiled a supplemental extension to Lazlo's discography, which is supposed to list all new data gathered since the last update of Lazlo's discography.
    • Lazlo's Discography Machine: ZTT Links
      The starting page of Lazlo's discography lists many further related links.
    • ZTT Remembered
      Guy B. Phipps put together a broad selection of ZTT pictures, including sleeve artwork, adverts and promotional posters. (Defunct? Used to be slow but good.)
    • ZTT Stuff
      Small ZTT fansite by Jörg Fitzner, features catalogue number and remixes references.
    • ZTT Mailing List Archives
      Years of archived postings to Lazlo's Zang Tuum Tumb Mailing List.

  • Admiral SPZ
    • SARM Studios
      Official website of SARM Studios management.
    • SARM Management
      Official website of SARM Management, the productional staff agency.

  • Trevor Horn
    • Perfect Invention
      Lengthy discography assembled by Jörg Fitzner, attempting to trace Trevor Horn's productional appearances.
    • Trevor Horn Worship Hall
      Christoph Roeckerath's Trevor Horn fansite with biography, backgrounds, news, links etc.
    • TCH Stuff
      Small Trevor C. Horn fansite by Jörg Fitzner, features remixes reference and press articles.

  • Assorted Artist Sites